Here are some photo's of the boys and our adventures in Colorado:

Colton had a lazy morning reading a magazine while visiting with Papa Andy and Grandma Rhonda
Then the boys headed to the City Park to go fishing. This is Hunter's FAVORITE place to fish since every time his line hits the water he has a fish on it! It is just catch and release, but gotta love that since he catches at least 20 fish each trip to the park! I really like that Papa Larry is in charge of the fishing so I don't have to take ALL those little fish off the line to throw back!
 and more relaxing on a blanket in the grass
 And some fun time with putting their toes in the grass
 And you can't go to the city park without feeding the ducks

 And of course, they boys had to get in a little horse play!


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SUPER SUPER cute pics--love the brotherly love!!

lynn said...

love hunter's fisherman pic! and colton's has gotten so big-he's reading already:)-adorable!