The 3 F's

The boys and I have been visiting family during this last week, and we have been busy!


I found some new satin ribbon and decided to make some flowers for a couple of gifts I needed. We went to visit my friend and her daughter just turned a year old, but still doesn't have much hair, so I decided she needed a flower headband.

Isn't she cute?

Then, Chris's cousin is graduating high school, so I made her one on a hair tie that she can use as a barrette or a bracelet!

Chris's other cousin just sent us a baby announcement, so I think I will make another headband for their new little girl. I am so excited at how they are turning out!

Each flower takes about 20-25 minutes to make if I really work at it. It takes a lot to sew every petal to the flower, but are well worth it!

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lynn said...

such adorable projects, rachel! sweet baby girl:) enjoy your visit!