Another Headband

I have only gotten one ready for my Artfire Store, so I don't have these listed yet. I did want to share though. 

I made this one for my Husband's cousin's baby. 

My poor son had to be the one to model it for me. He wasn't happy!

This one is a turquoise colored flower with clear beaded center and black crocheted headband. 

The great thing about these headbands is they fit on a head like my son's without being very tight and don't leave an indention on the head, but are still snug enough to stay on. He wore this for about ten minutes before he got irritated because I wouldn't let him touch it....

I then took it to my parents for them to check out and my dad and Hunter (4 yrs old) both wore it to make fun of each other and it fit them fine too, without indention and still staying snug enough to stay on. After my dad took it off, it went right back to the original size and still fit the baby's head just fine (6 months!)

If interested, I have all sorts of ribbon colors and a few headband colors (royal blue, bronze, light brown, off white, black, grey). 

I am asking $6.50 plus shipping of $1.00.  

Send me an e-mail and let me know the flower color you are looking for and I will see what I can do for you! ( SUBJECT flower headband).


Martha said...

it looks wonderful, and poor baby hahhaha ;)

lynn said...

oh, bless his heart-such a sweet pic!
your headband is gorgeous, rachel!

Emily Leiphart said...

The headband is beautiful but poor Colton! LOL