It's not a DOLL It's a BABY

Hunter and I were at the dollar store the other day, and of course there are a ton of bouncy balls bouncing around in the aisles. Hunter saw one and kept telling me "ball, ball, ball" until I reached down and got one for him. He played with it for a couple of minutes until we went through a new aisle that has the "babies" in it. As soon as he saw them he started to tell me "baby, baby, BABY!"

So we changed the bouncy ball for a baby.

Hunter kept kissing the little baby and would talk to it very nicely. It was very cute.

I figured we would just leave the baby at the check out since Chris isn't really into his son and "dolls" but when I tried to get rid of the little thing, Hunter got upset and kept asking for the baby and saying "peeze." Since he didn't throw a fit and asked nicely, I went ahead and bought the baby.
Last night, Chris and I were watching a movie and Hunter disappeared and we couldn't hear him playing anywhere close so Chris went to look for him. Chris found our little man laying in our spare bed under the sheet with his "baby" on the pillow next to him. He was working on putting his baby to bed!
We busted him so Hunter got up right after that, but once it was actually time for Hunter to go to bed, he took his little baby and put it into bed with him and even made sure to give the baby a corner of his blankie. He was sharing his blankie... He won't even let me share his blankie with me unless he is sitting on my lap and doesn't realize I am getting warm with the blank too!
I have been working on my crafting skills. Here are a few of my newest cards and creations. Let me know what you think:

This is the card that I made to use for Hunter's Thank You cards for his birthday. It took a LONG time to make them. It has a elephant, lion, and giraffe. I will NEVER make this card again. I only borrowed the stamp set used for the animals and it required a LOT of cutting out each part of the animals.

The next 2 are from an idea I got off the website: It is a coaster notebook. I made the cover and put the rings in the top of the coaster to make it into a book. I also got this idea from the above website. It is a bunny gift. It holds a candy, like a chocolate mint patty. The back of the bunny is supposed to have some sort of tail, but I haven't figured out what I want to use just yet.

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sandi said...

Cute cards!!

I think Hunter is getting ready for a sibling??? What do you think? He would be a GREAT big Brother!!