!! Look Who's 2 !!

We had Hunter's Birthday party with all the family in Colorado this weekend. The theme for this party was a carnival. One of the things we did at the party was to have pictures inside a box that had four pictures painted on the outside with a whole cut in it... anyway, here are the pictures of the box:
A game that the kids got to play was a fishing hole. This one was the favorite out of the actual games. Thank you to Justin who sat behind the board to dish out all the goodies! One of the things the kids were given were party balloons.
Another game was a bean bag toss. This one wasn't as popular, but here is a niece and nephew picking out a prize after winning by getting all X's on the tic-tac-toe part of the toss games.
And though it is not pictured, we also had a duck pond for all the little "monsters!" All in all, I think all the little ones had a lot of fun.

Hunter got a lot of goodies at his party! He got a shovel, a cars camping set (tent, flashlight, compass, sleeping bag), Thomas the Train (light switch cover, night light, and lamp), Thomas Bed Set, T-ball set & Glove, Muscle Car (just a little model style one!), a Thomas the Train Movie, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Organizer, and some blue Bouncy Balls... He is having so much fun with all the stuff he got. If I missed anything, sorry, he got so much stuff! One of the things he got for his party was a re-done chair from Grandma B. Hunter has already sat in front of the TV and watched his shows while rocking away!Here is Hunter after he ate his cupcake! He even had frosting in his nose!

Here is Hunter entertaining everyone by blowing out the candle on his cupcake for the umpteenth time!

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