New Adventure Continues

Hunter fell asleep on my lap, so I put him in bed after that. Well, Hunter tried his hardest to stay in his bed, but he fell out TWICE! He fell out the first time about midnight and called for his "mommy." I got him a sippy with milk and put him back in bed and told him to go back to sleep. He was a good little man and did just that. The second time he fell out of bed was about 6 in the morning and he then called for his "mommy!" I went and got some water in his sippy, and tried to put him back in his little Thomas sheets, but he did not agree this time and kept pointing to the full size guest bed in his room. So I layed down with him and he went back to sleep after some tossing and turning. Then he didn't wake back up til nearly 8:oo a.m.!!!! YAY!!!

The little man was so tired, he got out of his chair where he was watching football, and gave his daddy a hug goodnight and waved and his Great Uncle Vern who is staying with us this week. He then headed to his own little bed, making whining noises all the way. Hunter climbed over his ladybug rug and get into bed. He put his little head on his big boy Thomas pillow and went to sleep right away... He slept all night and didn't get up until about 7:oo a.m.!!!

OH what a night! We went to the local Mexican food restaurant for dinner and Hunter threw up just as soon as we got our food - YAY! So when we got home, he was feeling much better and was pretty rilled up. He finally fell asleep watching a western on my lap so I put him into his little bed. At about 4 in the morning, the little guy must have had a bit of a night fright because he called for his "mommy" through his crying. I got him calmed and tried to put him in bed, even though he was pointing to every which way but his own bed. He didn't last there very long. He started to cry again, so I got him out of bed and put him in the guest bed. He did a lot of crying out after that, though he really wasn't awake. I didn't get much rested sleep with all the Hunter-ing going on, but Hunter slept until 9:oo a.m.!!!! He acts like he feels fine, so maybe tonight he will be able to sleep in his own bed ALL night without me having to move my location! I'll cross my fingers!


Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm fighting that battle too! My little guy will sleep anywhere BUT his own bed. We've just made a bargain that if he'll go to bed in his own bed (and stay there) he gets a treat in the morning (candy). Yep, I'm resorting to the best behavior modification technique known to Momkind.

Good luck in your bedtime battles!

Bogner's said...

The little man is doing much better. It helps that we have been letting stay up way too late (like almost 10 p.m.) and then he goes to bed by himself - with me following him to make sure he gets INTO bed - and then has been staying there until 8 a.m. It has been kinda nice to sleep in in the mornings since I haven't had that option since the little rugrat was born! But I am thinking that he is going to have to start going to bed just a little earlier. He thinks we are on my parents time zone which is an hour behind me!

Carpenters' said...

yeah! Blame it on the grandparents!