New Adventures

SO, my wonderful camera wasn't SO wonderful after all and I mailed it back 2 days ago... :( I'm very sad about this and now I am going to have to look for another one. And stupid me, I didn't download the pictures off my SD card before I sent it back and now am having technical difficulties with my other camera and SD card not being able to get the pictures off the stupid thing.... UGGG! My mom's camera was able to download the pictures off the SD card, so I figured mine would be able to do the same thing -- boy was I wrong! So now all my Christmas pictures are being held hostage. I have 2 options:
1) Take the SD card to Wal-Mart and print them all off the card AS IS and bring them home and just be happy, or

2) Wait the 2 months until we go back to Colorado and have my mom download them onto her computer, burn them to a CD and then bring them home with me...

I think I will go with number 2 for now since it doesn't involve paying money to Wal-Mart to print my pictures since I have a perfectly good printer at home. I don't NEED to scrapbook Christmas right this second! Though, it would be nice to do it before Hunter's birthday party because then I will have those pictures to do also, and I don't want to get behind like many of my friends and family have become because it is just SO hard to come back from that!

Oh well...

So instead of posting the Christmas pictures I had planned to post -- since they are being held hostage -- I decided to share the Bogner Family's newest adventure...

Hunter is now in a toddler bed!!!!

Congratulations Son!

It is decked out in Thomas the Train gear, that he received from his Aunt Misty for Christmas. He woke up this morning on his Thomas pillow saying "Train, Choo Choo!" It was cute, if it had only not been so early! He only rolled out of bed twice last night, but thankfully Hunter's thoughtful mom made sure his ladybug throw rug was under him when he landed!

Well, sorry no Christmas pictures, but maybe when they are no longer being held at bay by the technological goblins!

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