So last night Hunter, Chris, my dad Larry, and I went bowling at Wildcatters. It was men's bowling league night so half of the lanes where open for the taking, and so we did! During the first game, Grandpa Larry gave in to Hunter and let him bowl. They would walk right down to the line, put the ball down on the floor, and then roll it as hard as they could. When Hunter bowled, the ball had a m.p.h. speed of something like 4.2 which meant it took FOREVER to reach the pins, but once it did, look out! Hunter and Grandpa Larry bowled 3 strikes in a row!!! During the first game, they had a score of 147 and won the game! They would of had a much higher score during the second game, but Hunter kept passing the Foul line and so they lost like 5 scores off their score card... It was really cute, once the ball would start to go down the lane, Hunter would squat down and watch it all the way and then he would run back to the seating area!
After bowling for an hour, we went to the arcade where Hunter and Chris (daddy) played a duck punch game where they had to hit a button that caused a fist to fly out and hit a rubber ducky and would knock it down. Hunter wasn't too impressed so they went and played a fighter pilot game that the whole seat and platform would move. It made Chris motion sick so he had to get off, but Hunter liked to play with the joystick once the ride had stopped!
All in all it was a fun family night that I hope we can do again sometime soon, but with Harvest looming over head, it probably won't be until January! Oh well, at least we got to have fun when we were able to go together.

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sandi said...

sounds like you had fun!!