Bull Rider in the Making!

So not all Wal-Marts are created equal. The Wal-Mart that is closest to my home is only a Wal-Mart, NOT a Super Wal-Mart, so the only quarter machine ride is the one called "Quick Silver," which is a pony. (See "Ride 'Em Cowboy from August 19, 2008 to see a video and picture of Quick Silver.) But the Wal-Mart that is 30 miles away has a whole little kids arcade with games, junk quarter machines, an air hockey table, and some kids riding machines. One of those machines is a Wild Bull! Another machine is Mickey Mouse House ride and then another one that is a Micky Mouse Firehouse ride. Hunter was able to ride all three because I remembered to take a bunch of quarters when we went grocery shopping. The only way I could get Hunter to get off the rides without screaming was to use the last two quarters to buy him a bouncy ball. Granted, he was bad and threw the bouncy ball in the truck as soon as I locked him in his car seat, but at least I was able to get him out of the store without him throwing a huge fit. I am not a big believer in buying something in Wal-Mart so your little brat won't cause you to have extra attention, but I wasn't just in Wal-Mart, I was in their Fun Center!
And I have taken him out of the store screaming because he wanted a candy - and I didn't buy the candy, but this time, I figured he had been good through all my grocery shopping, so he might as well get a reward -- even though he got rid of it as soon as he could :(
I hope you also enjoy the video provided of Hunter and Mickey enjoying each other's company!

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Picture is kinda fuzzy...but I got the "just".