Much anticipated Farmer Hunter!

Hunter and Grandpa Larry are playing Farmer! Hunter wanted to be in the tractor "NOW" and Grandpa needed to back up the disk on the back of the tractor to put a new tire on, so Hunter was able to ride along and be a 'farmer' for at least a couple of minutes today! After getting the tire changed, the tractor had to be moved so Daddy (Chris) drove the Grain Truck, Mommy (Rachel) followed in the pick-up to pick-up the crew, and Grandpa Larry and Hunter drove the tractor on over to the grain bins at the Hooton. It made Hunter very very very happy to FINALLY be able to get in the tractor and go after now being able to for so many weeks! Hunter also was able to pretend that he is already getting all that corn harvested as he sat in the combine and watched Grandpa Larry and Daddy work on getting the combine maintenance for the next few months. Hunter would sit in the drivers seat and have me pull the steering wheel down so he could reach it. Then he wanted to push the horn, which is just a little button on the steering column and is kind of hard to push with Hunter's little fingers, so when he wanted to toot his horn, he would use his feet!

This little man was not all that happy when Mommy decided it was time to head home so he could take his afternoon nap. Oh what a fit he had! His Grandma Rhonda says that Chris used to act just like that! Father like son, Son Exactly like Father!

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