Just Like My Dad

Hunter is becoming more and more like his daddy. The other day, I was in the bathroom getting ready to go somewhere and Hunter came into the bathroom, cleared his throat, lifted the toilet seat, and spit into the toilet. This is something he has seen his dad do many times. It is a pretty gross habit, and of course, that must be why Hunter is copying this activity. Hunter has also started to clear his throat and then spit on his sippy cup. Chris spits in his "spitter" cup when he chews or when he has to get his throat cleared, and so Hunter thinks he needs to get his throat nice and clear too! EWWW....

Last time we went to Colorado, Rhonda and I went through a trunk full of Chris's old clothes. Inside, we found some really cute suits that Chris used to wear when he was little. They are really cute, and look great on Hunter! So now he is Just Like his Dad. I'm hoping that Rhonda will have a picture of Chris dressed in his suit so I can have them framed side by side to show how much the two look alike. But until then, here is a couple pictures of Hunter in his dad's suits.

I also took a picture of Hunter wearing his dad's old Tonka shirt. Rhonda said that Chris used to love this shirt and wear it ALL the time!

There are many more outfits that Rhonda sent home with us that used to be Chris's, so look for more pictures of Hunter trying to be Just like His Dad!

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Luke and Lacee said...

I love those suits, they are so cute on him! ~Lacee