So, while we were in Colorado, we went to Stonewall, Colorado to the Legends Cafe where the Kraft Family Picnic was being held. There were a lot of family there. Here is a picture of the group, minus my brother Travis and his boys Aiden and Damon. They arrived about 5 minutes after the group picture was taken and there was NO getting the group back together for another picture!
Here is a picture of Chris goofing around with my Mom's hat at the picnic.
While we were in Colorado, Marilyn Feik and her daughter Mercedes who were visiting Marilyn's parents too, went with Hunter & me to the zoo! Hunter was throwing a fit near the lions cage and so the Lion, who was lying next to the glass with his back to us, sat up and looked at Hunter throwing his fit!
Hunter and Mercedes had fun playing in the water and under Damon & Aiden's fort at my mom & dad's house.
Hunter also had fun playing in the sprinkler and with bubbles with his Cousin's Damon and Aiden.
It was an adventure filled trip. We made new friends, visited with old ones, and played with family. It was great. Hunter and I are hoping to visit again soon before the summer is completely over and everyone gets back to the normal way of life.


Luke and Lacee said...

What you actually got a pic of Chris!

Bogner's said...

Not only do I have a picture of Chris, it's in a silly hat too!