Ride 'Em Cowboy

Hunter and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart, and once we were heading out the door, Hunter spotted the machanical horse and decided he needed a ride. Thank goodness I had two quarters to put into the machine! I took the video with my cell phone, so I am sorry that it is sideways, but you get the jiff of his enjoyment!


LaRene said...

It says video not available at the moment. I hope I can watch later!

sandi said...

Very cute! I remember Mal and Trent always wanting to ride those! Raegen hasn't spotted them yet but I am sure she will soon! Better stock up on some quarters!

Bogner's said...

No kidding Sandi, I was so greatful that I had two quarters in my purse. I am going to have to go through Chris's change jar so I can make sure to have some the next time. He is pretty good though if I tell him no, he hasn't thrown a great big fit YET!