Colorado AGAIN!

So like my last blog said, Hunter and I went to Colorado for an "Easter in June" Lunch at my Aunt Pat's in Colorado Springs. The drive wasn't all that fun, but the food and company was great!
My Uncle Tom thought that the company was so great, he took a nap!

Here are some pictures of my grandmother, cousins, and aunt visiting and watching Hunter entertain with his clown skills!

Before we headed to Colorado Springs, my dad, mom, and I buzz cut Hunter's hair again. Talk about difficult! Hunter cooperated quite a bit, but the clippers were another story. Hunter's hair is really fine, and so it is hard to get the clippers to catch the hair to cut it. I have a video of Hunter sitting in his cousins' John Deere Gator toy getting his hair buzzed.

Hunter was very excited to sit in the gator and to have his hair cut!

He had a hard time getting the gator's horn to honk so he concentrated very hard when he pressed the button!

After getting his hair cut, Hunter played in the water to help get the loose hair off of his body. He had loads of fun in the water and even got his mommy wet!

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