On The Road Again!

Not a whole lot has been happening here in our world. We have started to Harvest Wheat and Hunter and Rachel both were allowed to drive the combine and cut some the wheat with Chris. Hunter really likes to ride in the tractors, and gets really angry when I take him out of the tractor to get back in the pickup to go home! He is definitely his daddy's little boy!

We have enjoyed a few nights of showers, giving us some much wanted moisture at the house. I just wish that the lightening show wasn't so extravagant in the middle of the night since it woke me up and kept me awake a couple of nights ago and so I didn't get much sleep. But because of the rain I don't have to water the grass for a couple of days! Gratefully, it hasn't rained a whole lot on the farm since we are trying to get the wheat dry enough to cut on top of the hill. If it had rained a lot on the farm, I don't think there would of been a whole lot of complaining though since we are trying to raise some happy corn right now too! And dry corn is not happy corn!

Hunter and I are getting ready to head to Colorado again. This time we are coming up for Easter Lunch with Aunt Pat. Granted, Easter was in March, but every year we have lunch at Aunt Pat's for Easter and this year, Easter just came to early for everyone, so lunch was postponed until June. This will be a VERY quick trip, so we won't be visiting a whole lot of people, but we are planning on staying a week in July so if we don't see you this VERY quick trip, we will try to get visit with you in July.

I hope all is well with everyone. Leave me a comment if you would like. I always like to receive comments, so LEAVE ME A COMMENT! I hope to have some Colorado pictures up by next week sometime, so stay tuned for future updates!

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sandi said...

Good to see that you guys are doing well. Have a fun and safe trip to Colorado!! We miss you.