Amazing Progress

Wow, I can't even believe the progress we have made!

My kitchen cabinets and all the new appliances!

One of the bedrooms AFTER the paneled walls have been removed and the walls painted. 
We also put in new carpet. 
We are getting new bed sets for the boys too, though they are not here yet.

My new living room! 
Love it. 
We still need to put Chris's dear up on the wall, 
and our unusual buck painting, 
but for the MOST part, 
this room is DONE!

This is the other end of the living room! 
(Colton had to put Great Grandma Lorena's Stool in here so he could reach the light switch!)
Chris put French doors leading into my new office/craft area! 
I am very excited to get furniture in here so I can get back to my kids scrapbooks...

The bathroom! 
This is the kids and guest bath! 
It turned out amazing! 
Chris did ALL the tile work. 
-- Though the WHOLE house! --
I helped some, but we also had the farm crew here, so I mainly tried to keep the kids out of the way.
I cleaned the grout. 
Let me tell you, that is a great way to kill a manicure!

We still have some little things here and there...
A couple of closets to put together...
But at least now the house is livable again...
AND, I can cook. 
We really truly MISSED eating home cooking!

Have a blessed day,


lynn said...

it all looks wonderful, rachel! i'll bet you love it now:) happy vday!

Teresa Kline said...

wow, it looks happy for is a wonderful feeling to get things like this accomplished...have a fantastic week!

enjoy *~*