Wow, crazy times!

Sorry it has been so long again!

Things are CRAZY here.

Chris and I decided to remodel.... So my house looks a lot like this:
This is the new wall between my living room and kitchen!

This is the end of the cabinets in the kitchen. The new wall for the kitchen will be where the stud on the right is. 

This is why my kitchen smelled after I would do dishes. So very grateful this has been fixed!

This is the whole in the kitchen floor to see the mess of pipe. It was ugly and smelled pretty awful!

This was the dinning room...
And this is the floor after I took up all the stupid tiles!
Yes, I am helping where I can!

When taking out the wall we wanted to move between the kitchen and living room... this happened!
All the insulation came down and I was the lucky one who had got to clean it up!

This morning, I left to get the crew lunch, (who were getting pretty close to done with their part)...
And when I got home, this is what I found in my guest bath!
Chris decided that he wanted to just keep going. 
We planned on remodeling more of the house... 
but I was under the impression we were going to finish the current rooms before we did the bathrooms....

And this is the front yard! Everything, including the bathroom toilet and kitchen sink are out there!!

Hopefully I will have some pictures to show progress soon!

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Luke and Lacee said...

I'm excited for you Rachel!