Barrettes Now In Stock...

I have been trying to get some new listings in the shop...

Here are a few that have been listed this week:

These are all on Alligator Clips. 
The Headband is NOT included.
Needed a way to keep the clip on the baby dolls head...
Since I only have boys who are NOT to be used as models!

AND, I wanted to share another HUGE thing I got for my birthday:

(Birthday Picture of us at the restaurant)

The NEW IPad! 
My Husband is the Best in the WHOLE wide world!
I love that I can shout out to the whole world how much I love Chris.
I love to be able to show my friends and followers how much he spoils me!

A picture is worth a Thousand Words!

It rained so harvest is on hold for the next day or so.
SO, Chris and I went to the city yesterday. 
Just me and him! 
My dad is in town, so he kept the little monster and waited for Hunter to get off the bus.
So we were kid free! In the middle of the day!

My In-Laws got me a gift certificate for Red Lobster, so we went out to eat, and then we went and looked at some pants for me, and a leather jacket for him, but we just couldn't find anything we were completely satisfied with! 
I am going to have to order me some jeans because the store that sells Ariat jeans doesn't carry 25 R (regular). All I could find were 25 L's (Way TOO Longs!)

We also went and picked up his new motor! I am so excited to hear it running. It looks beautiful, but I want to hear the roar of this engine!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
I know I will!

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chickadee3357 said...

Awesome! Sounds like a fun day and a great present!