Baby Card for Kelleigh

This week, Kelleigh is releasing a baby card set with the template you can cut by hand or the cutting files that you can use with your electronic cutting machine!

I luckily have a fabulous husband that bought me the Silhouette SD for Christmas one year, so I used the cutting files!

So stinking easy!

I used the .dfx version, imported into my Studio program, adjusted to fit onto the 8.5" size of my mat, and cut. That was it! 

Isn't this diaper adorable?

And the bootie:

Make sure to go HERE and make this template all yours! It will make your baby making cards go so fast!

For the ruffled butt, I used lace from my friend Martha. 
She has a zibbet shop here: 

She has some really great things happening right now, so is having a close out sale:

And I have been a little out of it the past two weeks, with my birthday, then school full days, and harvest... I have been busy!

I want to share some of the things I got for my birthday!

Chris got me this super cute boots:

We saw a pair that had the American Flag design on it, but they didn't fit just right. I am still really sad about that!

He also helped me pick this purse:

I hate that all the purses like this tend to have a cross on them. 
I so do not like the crosses. 
We found this purse with a color I am drawn to and it has a star instead of a cross! 
Chris also found the matching wallet. I told him that I didn't need it, but he insisted! It is gorgeous and my mom is jealous!

My husband is the sweetest! 

He also got me a few more things on my birthday, along with a birthday dinner with friends in the city AND he took us all dancing. I love to go dancing with him. We fit together so well on the dance floor!
Guess that comes with years of practice!

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Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Great job on the card! I love the ruffle butt!

LOVE the boots! Adorable!! Your hubby sure does love you! :)