In Other News

The In-Laws left Sunday,
But not until we had a big breakfast of breakfast burritos, fried potatoes, and biscuits with jelly!
I realize that these foods don't make the best combination, but my father-in-law isn't suppose to eat pork...
Which is in the sausage and potato burritos!

Chris LOVES my fried potatoes, so I made them extra, mainly for him. 

I made the biscuits so we could also try the jelly my mom sent down that she made from scratch!

We were all stuffed. 

And in other news:
Chris and his dad went Saturday and picked up this beauty!!

We uses to race a '78 camero, but will be retiring that body so we can put the engine in this fine piece of equipment!!! 

I am so excited! I can't wait for the guys to get it finished so we can go to the track!!

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