Spring is Coming

I have been hard at work, playing with some new laces. 
I also have been playing around with some stretch lace that I have had in my stash. 
I have wanted to make headbands with them for the longest time, but just got the push I needed from my friend Martha!

FIRST up, black stretch lace and grey stretch lace and a white button.
Other flower picture can be viewed in my shop

Second up: A Satin Ribbon, White Lace, Black Sparkling Tulle headband with White Button!
More pictures and this headband are available in my shop 

BIG, 6" Blue/Grey Lace Flower Headband with Grey Stretch Lace for Headband and White Button center.
There are more straight views of the flower in my shop.
This headband is also available in 

Thirdly ~ 
Custom Packaging!
My good friend Michelle ordered some headbands from me for her little girls: Olivia, Rachel, and Rebecca!  They are ADORABLE! 

Anyway, to make the flowers even more special for each girl, I printed their names on pattern paper and attached to the packaging. Didn't they come out awesome?

If anyone who purchases from my shop is interested in custom packaging... just let me know and i will make sure to make something special for whoever you are gifting the headbands, albums, cards too!


***all linked materials used can be found in CreatingIsFun's zibbet shop***

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Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Super cute, Rachel! I just noticed how much your kids look like you, especially the older one. I can see it in your profile more than head on.