One Hot Stripper!

Today, we had a bit of an accident out at the farm...

We had our cotton stripper catch fire. I am not sure exactly, but something with the engine compartment and a spark, mixed with cotton... it was a bad mix and our cotton stripper is totaled.

To start, here is what a cotton stripper is supposed to look like:

And this is one that is not a happy stripper:

I took a little video of it when I got there:

Here are some more pictures from around the cotton stripper:
From a distance. This is the front of the stripper.

Side View, can you see where the cab USED to be?
Can you see the fire? This is just under the bucket that holds the cotton, where the engine is.
Back View. The fire at the ground on the left is the front tire. You can also see some flames inside the bucket just above the red tape on the left.
This is my dad standing in front of a module of cotton. The cotton is picked in the stripper, dumped into a buggy, then dumped into a module builder. Didn't get a picture of that, sorry, but it looks like a railroad car. It packs the cotton into this hard bale before driving off of it.


chickadee3357 said...

Ohh...that title sure made me laugh! However, the actual content is quite sad. I'm so sorry about your stripper ;) haha.

lynn said...

i'm so sorry about the fire. i know that machine is beyond expensive and being without it during a peak time can't be great either. the cotton process is interesting--indiana just has corn and soybeans-everywhere!