This is why you should NEVER have an arguement with a dresser!

I was stripping my sheets off the bed and had my comforter on the floor by the end of the bed. Hunter decide to sit on the comforter, so to get to that last corner of the sheet, I had to step around him between him and the dresser. To make sure I didn't kick Hunter, I ended up stubbing my baby toe on the dresser... SO was not happy. Hurt so bad. I was afraid to look at my foot. I had a sock on, so didn't look at my foot until I got back from grocery shopping 3 hours later!

And the only reason I looked at my toe then was on the way home from the store, I slipped my shoe off because my toe hurt so bad. When I got home, I couldn't get the shoe back on because of the swelling... so I took off my sock to put on a sandle, and FINALLY checked out my toe.

Thankfully, by the time dinner time rolled around, the swelling in my toe had gone down and the pain had almost completely gone away. It is still a little tender at times, but at least I don't wince every time I try to take a step!


Gwen said...

Hope it continues to heal quickly! Glad you had a great time out on the town, too. Dry there? DD is "breathing smoke" in Longview! It is so, so dry there.

Carpenters' said...

MMMMM! Bwahahaha! Goood job Grace! LOL I am sorry. I know it hurts awful!

lynn said...