Hunter gets Crafty!

The other day we had the neighbor girl (J) over to play for a few hours. It was way too hot outside so the two stayed in for a little while. J wanted to watch Robots, but Hunter was being rambunctious, so in between Hunter getting put in timeout about 10 times, she got to watch most of the movie!

While the kids watched the movie, I tried to finish up some thank you cards I needed for some very nice ladies. J saw what I was doing and got curious. J is close to 10 years old (Hunter is only 3 1/2!).

J wanted to see how I did texture. It just boggled her mind how one of my cards had textured paper on it! I got the cuttlebug out and the texture and gave her a piece of blue scrap paper. I got the sandwich ready and J put everything through the Bug. She thought that was just the most AMAZING thing ever... "but what do I do with this?"

So I cut the paper down to 3.75"x3.75" (it was just scrap so I didn't have much option for a full background size!) J then decided she wanted to use the sheer red ribbon that was laying on my desk (already pre-cut thanks to Hunter who took a whole 6 yard roll of ribbon and took the scissors to it. I salvaged what I could and that was what was on my desk!)

Next we picked an image ~ a huge butterfly by Martha Stewart. J stamped it and I cut it out for her and we layered it on the card too....

Now, because J was making a card, Hunter wanted to make one too! So I got Hunter some patterned paper, some birthday ribbon, and a bird stamp. He said he wanted an Eagle flying stamp, but he had to settle with the humming bird stamp from SU's Elements of Style!

I hadn't used either the MS stamp or the SU stamp yet, so now I can add those to my "Yes I have used those stamps" pile!

Hunter stamped the bird once with Purple, then did a second generation stamping also because he needed two birds. I cut both birds out and he taped them to his card.

I didn't get a picture of J's card before she had to go home, but I did get a picture of Hunter's since his didn't have to go anywhere!
Hunter said he had to put the daddy bird (dark purple) far at the top and the mommy bird (lighter bird) at the bottom because the Mommy bird can't be near the daddy bird because she is grouchy!

I wonder if that has to do with the fact that I am so grouchy from being fat and miserable??!!!

Hope you like my little one's card. He worked "real hard" on this!

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Suzi said...

Awww so cute!! Just remember, it's ALWAYS the daddy bird's fault i the mommy bird is grouchy!!!!