Happy Halloween!

A few days ago, Chris decided that Hunter NEEDED a pumpkin. So I went and bought one for Hunter and his Daddy to carve!

Chris let Hunter go through the template book and pick out the design he wanted...
he said he wanted a "kitty cat meow"...

Hunter tried to help Chris saw the top out of the pumpkin, but Hunter said "too hard!" Chris finished sawing the top off.

Next, Hunter tried to help clean out the seeds from the inside of the pumpkin, but he said it was "too hard!" Chris would scrap the seeds from the sides of the pumpkin and then it wasn't too hard for Hunter to help pull the seeds out of the pumpkin!

Then Chris and Hunter poked the holes in the design so he would have it "traced" on the pumpkin to start carving it.

After a very very short time of Chris trying to cut the design out of the pumpkin, Hunter got bored and decided he would rather be an entertainer than a pumpkin carver!

And this is Daddy and Hunter's finished kitty cat:

I think they did a FABULOUS job!


Stamp and Smile said...

Hunter's Pumpkin is NICE!! I wish him a fun and safe Halloween... Share photo's of him in costume!! :)

Carpenters' said...

They did do a fabulous job. Tell Chris I am proud of him:)