Minute Man Tent!

I am trying a new thing for me... I am trying out posting a scheduled post, so I am typing this all out on Friday, scheduling it for Saturday Morning... SO I will see if this works! Hopefully yes because VERVE STAMPS is having a Anniversary BLOG HOP on August 1 and I will be at my mom's that day, without high speed Internet! OH NO, what is this world coming to!

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of Hunter and his tent we worked on in his room. It kept him occupied for about a minute!


Stamp and Smile said...

Hunter looks like he's having a GREAT time... I remember the good old days of building forts! :) Glad your pre-posting worked! It's a nice feature and I use it when I can. (If I ever get my card made ahead of time... LOL!) SMILES... :)

Carpenters' said...

Damon and Aiden do that too.Makes me crazy when it has to be in the living room!