Go Speed Racer!

Last night was the night for racin'! We headed south for the local dirt oval track to watch all the really LOUD cars drive really really fast in an oval! It wasn't all that entertaining to me until a car hit the barrier wall between him and the stands RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and then flipped on his lid! Made my stomach sick after before the guy climbed out of the car... apparently unhurt! Thank goodness! The guy HIT SO HARD that it Broke, not crack but BROKE the cement! Scary!
Because of the noise, we stopped at WalMart on the way and picked up some shooting range ear muffs for Hunter. He wore them practically the whole time. The only time he really took them off was when Chris would take them off his head during the down time between races when it wasn't very loud. Hunter would be so sweaty under the muffs. Poor kid! Here's the cute little bugger with the muffs on:He didn't want his picture taken so he put his sippy in his mouth... but it didn't stop me!

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