The Excitement Builds!

So, I know Halloween isn't even here yet,
But I have already been getting orders for many Christmas Ornaments.

Aren't they Cute?

I saw a very adorable box for a round ornament 
(which I needed for my baby's first ornaments),

but couldn't find anything for the disc shaped ornaments...
(Look like MnM's!),

So I reached out to 
and asked her if she could make me something...
This is what she came up with (and I put together for your viewing pleasure!):

Full Frontal

Side action.

A better look at the cute ornament on the inside and the ornament holder.

Isn't it fabulous?
You can get all 3 sizes of this ornament box, 
at 50% off!!!

Go check them out on her site!!!

And thanks for stopping by.
If you want to see many more samples of these fabulous Christmas ornaments, 
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