Smutty kind of day!

A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I dropped the kids at my parents and headed North to Yuma, Colorado for a farm show. 

It was so nice to have two nights with just Chris and I!

We stayed in the massive town of Wray! 
Very nice little town. 
Beautiful houses, nice parks, very clean streets, and nice people. 

We ate the first night at a resturant called
CreekSide Bar and Grill.
Very good food. Chris and I used the time between ordering and getting our food to play the games on our table mats. We played suduko for the first time. I finished first!
I was pretty excited because Chris is so stinking good with numbers! 
He was pretty close behind me, but I still beat him!

The farm show was in Yuma.
I remember hearing all these small town names when I was in FFA a million years ago, but had never seen them. We saw Idalia, Colorado too. It's an elevator mostly! 
It is a small thing, but it brought back memories of fun times in High School.

The farm show was put on by the Irrigation Research Foundation.

Here's a few pictures:


So Nasty!
I love smut. 
It's not good to have, but is so nasty - it's awesome to see!
Each piece is so unique. 
It almost looks like a work of art!

Information on CORN SMUT.

Here is Chris talking with a couple of guys about their chemical.
Jay and Stan.
Stan is too funny. He is the older gentleman to the right.
I met him the night before as Jay was introducing Chris to him.
Stan instantly turned to me and said, "But who is THIS?"
Made my evening!

And Chris and I. 

I love trips where we get to do grown up stuff... 
Like stay at the show for the dance and visit with everyone without being interrupted by my youngsters!

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