Spring is Coming

I recently took a little time and went through my online store...

I have started to put some of my creations in a Boutique, and have a hard time keeping track of what sales there...

(not the number of sales and what they have... but I only do inventory once a month, so if it sales in the boutique, I don't know it until the end of the month...)

SO, I decided to take everything out of my online shop that is in the Boutique.

My online inventory has DROPPED! 
I went from over 200 items to just over 50 in a matter of an hour!

BUT, this gave me the motivation to get some NEW stuff completed and in the shop!

Here are a few:
(and you can see them all in my online shop - 

 Lime Green Barrettes 
(also available in a Brooch!)

 Very Bright Pink Barrette/Clips.
Brooches too!

A Blue-ish Turquoise and Light Green Barrette

And Brooch!

LadyBugs in Barrette Style.

Leopard/Cheetah Barrettes

More LadyBugs... with a little bling

Brown and White.
This is one of my favorites. The material I used has a little shine to it...
Very pretty InRealLife!

So go see what is left in stock... 
And what is new!

Easter and Spring are on their way...
What will be in your Easter Basket this year?

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