Candle Boxes

Let's see if I remember how to do this!!!

It has been a while. 
We finished harvest! Thank Goodness!

So now I don't have to run lunch and dinner out to the crew...
I still have to make lunch and dinner for the family, of course, but at least I don't have to make MASS quantities and haul it out.

I had one crew member who always threatened to show up at the house at meal time because he liked my cooking so much... but he hasn't yet. 

He would get fed with the rest of us if he showed - and would be welcome to seconds - but I guess it was just a threat!


I have been busy putting together orders lately.

Here is an order that I put together that was mailed out to Utah:

There were 5 boxes in total.

4 were Christmas, while one was for Valentines Day. 
The candles on that one spelled LOVE in red.
Side View of two of the boxes.
Up close with the candles.
They are vanilla.
The front of a box all done up!

Aren't they cute?

These are just $6 plus shipping....

I have made up a few to go into a local boutique, but I don't have the photos edited for your viewing pleasure yet!

I will show you those very soon!

Thanks for stopping by.

(and I will be back soon! I made some Christmas Cards recently for an order. 
A local business will be sending my cards to the corporate bosses!)

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