End of Year Treats

Tomorrow is Hunter's End of Year party.
He is ending is PRE-K year on FRIDAY! 
Wow, how the year has past so quickly!

For the End Of Year party favors, I made "edible crayons."
They are pretzels with melted candy on both ends, then a crayon label wrapped around them.
I found them using pinterest.com. THIS IS the link to the crayons.

I wanted to wrap these little treats in a nice crayon box for the kids, so this is what I made:

Box is the TOP HEAVY BOX from Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs. I cut it with my Silhouette 15 times!
The name label is also KRD's Designer Label Shapes. I also cut with the Silhouette, after I used the programs print feature, so the class names are on the labels (font: Papyrus)!

Hunter put his name on them after I cut them out. I thought it would be good to have his handwriting on them instead of printing his name. He was really DONE writing his name after he finally finished the fifteenth one!

Here are some close ups:

How the box opens:

A little sneak of the crayons:

Here are all the crayons - I made enough for 7 in each box... in 15 boxes!

 And a close up of the labels on the crayons (made the labels in my PSE program to say what I wanted them to say):

Just a few photos for you to check out!
The boxes were so easy! I love being able to cut stuff with my Silhouette. Very little fuss!

Hope you are having a great week so far!


Carissa said...

So cute!

Martha Pineda said...

oh wow how cute, and colorful!