Lazy Me!

Okay, so it hasn't ALL been me being lazy!  My laptop crashed and I couldn't get to any of my files...

That's the only excuse I have, but think it is a pretty good one!

BUT, since my laptop has been fixed (it turns on and functions mainly anyway!), I can now show you a card I made just before the computer went SPlaT...

I made this card for the very kind lady who watches Colton while I go to get my nails done! I only go maybe once every 3 weeks (sometimes every 2 if I have something special coming up!), but she is so kind to keep my little monster who cries almost the whole time I am gone!

I did add a THANK YOU sentiment before giving it to her, but didn't get that photographed.

And, I used some of Martha's (CreatingIsFun) trims! Aren't they beautiful? 

I made a lolly flower to put on the front, and because I would hate for such beautiful trim to be thrown away, I put a pin backing on it so it can be taken off of the card and put on a purse, shirt, hat, headband...ect!

See that pinkish color of trim?
I made it that color! 
It started out as plain white...
{I love white trim because if I don't need white, I can always spritz it with color and make it whatever I want!} 
HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK to the white pleated trim I changed to pink!

I believe I also used THIS white lace (behind the pink) and THESE buttons for the flower center!

BEFORE I STOP going on and on and on!

I want to let you know....

is having a sale on buttons for the month of February.  15% OFF ALL BUTTONS (discount already applied, no code required).

OH, and if you go become a fan of the Creating Is Fun Facebook Fan Page... when Martha reaches 150 fans, she is giving away a gift certificate to the shop!


Carisa said...

beautiful lace flowers you created!!!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

So pretty! I love love love the flower! I want one on a headband!

Angie Blom said...

so very pretty Rachel.. loving that bright pink!!

lynn said...

the card is so pretty, rachel, and the sweet flower makes it extra special! she will love it:)