Neighborhood excitement :(

Right after dinner, Hunter looked outside and said "THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!"
I went to the door and the neighbors house had smoke flowing out the bedroom window... I ran over to the house and banged on the door, only to hear the neighbor I was looking for over at the house next to hers. I was so happy about that. She works nights and sleeps part of the day so I was afraid she was sleeping in the house!

They lost everything. 

It is so awful, but I am so thankful (as are they) that everyone got out and are fine.

Hunter is very sad because now his best play buddies are moving away since they no longer have a house they can live in across the street. I am just glad the little ones were all safe.

Prayers are always welcome!

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Angie Blom said...

sending prayers.. that is so sad to hear this time of year. but at least she is safe.. other things you can replace. blessings to her!!