Crock Pot Sunday

So, last Sunday, I made Au Jux Brisket… French Dip Brisket!


But, that is not what I am going to share with you TODAY!

TODAY, I am going to tell ya all about the CREAMY ITALIAN CHICKEN I made in the crock pot last Friday…

On Friday, I thought I was going to have to take some food out to the farm for dinner… Feed my household, plus the harvesters.  So 9 adults and the 2 boys…

I thawed 5 Large Chicken Breasts to throw in the pot. I started cooking… called Chris to tell him about what time I would be there, JUST to have him let me know they were quitting early and would be coming in for dinner!!!

So my dinner for 9+ turned into 3 adults and the 2 pint size eaters!

Oh well! 

So today I will share with you TWO recipes…


4 Chicken Breasts (I added the extra one to add for extra people)
1 Italian Salad Dressing Mix
8 oz cream cheese
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
¼ cup water
desired amount of rice (I just make instant rice for appropriate serving size)

In slow cooker, cook chicken, water & packet of Italian dressing on LOW for 3-3.5 hours. When chicken is done, shred. On stove, cook cream cheese & cream of chicken on low until hot, mix with shredded chicken. Cook rice as directed.

Okay, Chris does NOT like the creamy part of this recipe, so I don’t combine everything until it is on my own plate.   

And for this reason, I was able to save 3 chicken breasts for “leftovers”…

SO, to make something different with the chicken so Chris would eat it since he hates “leftovers”, I decided to make Chicken Enchiladas.

This was the first time I had EVER made enchiladas… and I was a little nervous to tell you the truth!  I didn’t realize how EASY they are!

So I took the leftover chicken, and by this time there were only 2 chicken breasts left since my dad isn’t apposed to “leftovers!”  So I took the TWO chicken breasts and tore them to shreds!  Threw that in a sauce pan with a 4.5 oz can of diced green chili and a package of cream cheese and cooked on low until it was all nice and warm.  From there, I spooned the mixture into some Corn Tortilla’s (small ones) and rolled them once and placed in a baking pan, seem down.

Chris doesn’t care too much for green enchilada sauce (which is my favorite since I hate the red sauce!), so I made one 8x8 pan of red enchiladas and one 9x9 pan of green enchiladas. 

My tortillas didn’t stay together very pretty, but it worked. I was told later by my Sister In Law that I needed to heat the tortillas on the stove for a minute to make them more flexible… Oh well, they tasted great!

1 lb shredded chicken breast
4.5 oz can diced chili
1 package cream cheese
1 can Enchilada Sauce

Bake on 400 for 15-20 minutes.
*If you aren’t using left over chicken, you can use a pound of chicken breast, cut up and cooked on stovetop until no longer pink before adding the rest of the ingredients. 

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