Crock Pot Sunday

So yes, 
Today is Wednesday... 
But, I use my crock pot on most Sundays so I can go to church and not worry about dinner for that night or what needs thawed, or spend time in the kitchen while Chris and both boys are home.

This past Sunday, I made Red Wine Short Ribs. I ended up with short ribs after we had our last steer butchered, and I had NO idea what to do with them. I was very excited when I finally found a recipe on Crock Pot Girls website.
(The meat fell right off the ribs)

This dish turned out really good. Chris was very surprised how good it turned out after he took a sip of the wine and told me just how awful the wine was!  
(pretty green bottle though!)

The bad wine taste had no affect on how good the meat turned out though!  

I didn't have any garlic cloves, so used diced garlic that I already had in my fridge. I used two Table Spoons.

Chris did think he needed a little BBQ sauce, but since I didn't have any in the house, figured the meat was just fine without it!

I love this thing cause it has 3 bowls... a 2 quart, 4 quart, and 6 quart bowl that fits in the base. I can switch out the bowl for whatever size I need and don't have to have multiple crock pots that take up a ton of room.


Martha said...

looks delicious!!

lynn said...

it does look yummy, rachel!

Lynn's Place said...

Everything looks so wonderful...tfs