Slower Cooker Roast

So this isn't my typical post...

BUT, I wanted to share a website I got from facebook called 

There are SO many recipes on there for so many different things.

I wanted to make a roast in the crock pot on Sunday. I hate to cook on Sunday's. It is just a good day to be lazy and not have to worry about cooking.

So I went to Crock Pot Girls and found this recipe: Slower Cooker Roast.

It turned out so freaking amazing! So good.

How come no one ever told me to use Brown Gravy Mix with my roast before?  
My mom doesn't do it...
My Mother-In-Law doesn't do it...
But now that I have tried it, I have told them to try it. 
And now I am telling you to try it!


Have a great day.

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lynn said...

thanks so much, i love pot roast and anything else i can do in the crockpot! i'll give this a try!