A couple weeks ago, 
and I 
all went to Colorado for the Bent Fair. 

It also happened to be Crowley County Days, so we did the parade there before going to the Rodeo and Dance in Las Animas... 

The dance was SO much fun. Chris and I danced quite a few songs and had lots of fun, even though the dance floor had ruts in the dirt!

I have pictures of all my Men at the Parade:

My Handsome Husband (he doesn't really like stuff like this, but he did it for us and I love him for it!):
Here is a tractor that was in the parade. Check out his seat (too funny):
We walked around the park after the parade to see if we could find anything of interest... we found snow cones! Love me some Tigers Blood, and it just so happens, that is Chris's fav too!

After all the excitement at Crowley, we decided to hit up Big R to see if we could find me some clothes that fit....

I have LOST 25 lbs AND 4 pant sizes!

I am back into the same size clothes I wore BEFORE I got pregnant with Hunter over 4 years ago! 

Chris was so helpful at Big R. It was a MAD HOUSE. We didn't know it when we headed there, but they were having their Christmas in July sale. I had NEVER seen their parking lot SOOOO full!  

Chris helped me find some wranglers, and even went and got me a smaller size when I was FINALLY able to get into a dressing room and the pants were too big. When we got there I had no idea what size I needed since I had lost the weight... so I was very glad I had Chris to help me!

In the end, Chris ended up getting me 4 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts. We also got Hunter a pair of Cinch Jeans (cost as much as Chris's) and a pair of NEW cowboy boots that we have threatened if he goes and plays in the water with he will loose his feet!

Chris also ended up getting a really good deal on two pairs of Cinch jeans too! They fit him really nice and they were practically half off, which makes them even better!

I am sure you are all bored to tears from all the wording and only three pictures, so I will stop now... but before I go, here is a picture of our trip 2 months ago to Colorado where I took the boys to the zoo:
Cousins Aiden & Damon, Hunter, Colton, and Grandpa Larry

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