Baby in the Tub

I finally figured out how to give the baby a bath without him Screaming at the top of his lungs! 

Okay, so I figured this out a while ago, but only just remembered the camera to get a video of him enjoying himself. 

I first tried to give Colton his bath in a baby tub, where he is sitting up a little. He didn't much like this. 

I gave him some baths in the sink, but it was hard to hold on to his soapiness, and we got water everywhere!

So now I just throw his little naked butt into the bathtub like I would Hunter. Well, almost. I wrap him in a baby towel so the warm water covers all of him to help keep him warm. I do this since I can't make the water deep enough to cover all his parts. 

I tried to take two videos of him kicking before I finally got a wash cloth to cover up his bits and pieces. Didn't want to make an immodest video of the little guy.

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jan farnworth said...

so cute he is just darling.