The Boys

I needed to make sure the baby's suit fit before we headed to go get our family pictures taken. I figured, the kid is already dressed up, so might as well take a few pictures with my camera for the blog.... Colton wasn't exactly thrilled with this!

I got a few pictures of him sitting alone before Hunter decided he needed to jump in too! The only thing was, those few pictures, I couldn't get Colton to smile! He was NOT liking this activity.

Hunter loves his baby brother SOOOOOO much. He wants to take care of him and hates it when Colton cries. He keeps getting in trouble because when the baby cries and momma isn't fast enough to take care of the horrible sound, Hunter will pick the baby up and move him. He has picked Colton up out of his walker style toy, off the floor from under the floor activity toy, and out of his swing... He puts Colton on the couch or somewhere similar to see if that will help the crying. Hunter is not a careful little man, and Colton has landed on his face a couple of times because of Hunter. Thankfully, it wasn't from high up and no permanent damage has been detected!

Hopefully, Colton can survive Hunter's "helping"!


Angelica said...

Handsome boys!!

Martha said...

oh rachel, this is so cute!!
he is so big now

StampinCathy said...

They are just priceless.

lynn said...

adorable, rachel! love colton's face in the 2nd pic!

Luke and Lacee said...

Such handsome boys! I know, I hope that Alyza can survive my boys' "helping" also :)