More Flowers

I am now addicted! I love these flowers! I are listed in my
 * artfire shop *  

I so love the buttons I have on these flowers! The ones that are clear in the middle are so cool cause no matter which flower I put it on, it matches because the color from the flower comes through!

And then there are the other buttons. They look so fancy! I got them from Martha's Etsy shop. So adorable! They are kinda see through too, so you can see the color behind them, but not as much as the other button. 

Either way, these hair barrettes are so adorable, beautiful, and a fabulous addition to any girls hair!

Which is your favorite?


Martha said...

great job on them ;)

Katy said...

Super cute, Rachel!

Carpenters' said...

This shows them really well! They are cuter than when you text me!I think they're cute!