Unity Stamp Storage

I was asked how I store my Unity Stamps so I thought I would do a quick video:

I take all my stamps and put on Graphix Acetate (which I get at Hobby Lobby). The actate is 9x12", so I first cut it down to fit inside the page protectors (8.25x11 - slightly smaller than full size so it gives room for the thickness of the stamps in the protector). 

Before I put my stamps on the acetate, I ink them up and rub a piece of paper over them so I can have an index of what is in the set, along with the sizes and what the sentiments say.

Next, I peel off the protective backing off the stamps and lay them on the acetate. Then I pull all the extra rubber away from the stamps so only the stamps remain on my acetate.

Finally, I put the sheet of acetate, fully loaded with my stamps, into the page protector. I also include the index sheet behind the stamps.

I like to keep all my stamps in their original set and keep the SETS in alphabetic order and the KITS in order by the MONTH they were released.

If you have any questions for me, send me an e-mail to rabogner@cableone.net or leave me a comment here on my blog!

Also, in the video, I said I would give you the link for the boxes I use for my Ippity stamps.  If you follow the links, it gives you prices and dimension information. 

Here is the LINK to the 3/4" cases. Here is the LINK to the 1 1/4" cases (thought they were 1" but was wrong!).

These boxes do come with a place to add sheets into them and are 3 ring binders. I actually use the 3/4" boxes and cut out the binders (plastic) so I can place my stamps without worrying the box won't close because the rings are hitting my stamps and because the size I use doesn't allow for pages to be inserted with stamps on them because there is only room to put stamps on the sides and not in the middle...


Martha said...

nice! I do have to find a way to fix the rest of myne, the boxes that are usually use are not available anymore :(

StampinCathy said...

Great way to keep all the Unity stamps. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Angie Blom said...

this is awesome Rachel, thanks for posting this.. I love the binder idea.. and those cases are fabulous too.. such great ideas. WIsh we had a hobby lobby here!!

lynn said...

thanks, rachel, for the links-i really like the cases for ippity, and ordered some:) great video, too!

Emily Leiphart said...

This is great, Rachel! Thanks for the visual. I'm with Angie, wishing we had Hobby Lobby here!

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

It's a great system. But did you know that storing your unmounted rubber stamps on Acetate Will break down the Foam on the backs of your stamps.

And you will have to replace the foam on your stamps.