Fresh Out of the Oven with BLSD


Well IT has happened!
I went to the doctor yesterday morning, and he decided it would be great if I would go ahead and schedule the delivery. He said things just weren't progressing, so I needed a little help, so he is breaking my water this morning. I had to be at the hospital this morning at 5 A.M. to get all the paperwork going and get me prepped for drugs and pain (hopefully little of both!)

Today is my actual DUE DATE, so I figured -- why not?!

That, and it is supposed to be really really really windy today. That means us Cotton Farmers can't harvest, so Chris won't be missing out on getting cotton out of the field today since it is too windy to harvest!

Enough of all the icky details! I am sure you came here for this:

Today is my day to show you something
over on the

I am sharing with everyone, this card:Go over to the BLS blog to get information on the stamp set along with a few details on my card.


Blackleaf Studios said...

ohhh...sweetie ! i hope u and baby are doing great..our best wishes to you and your entire family..

the card is soooo beautiful ! soo very appropriate to welcome your little one on this lovely day..

send us pictures soon...happy recovery !

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous card and congrats on the new arrival, hope it all goes smoothly.

jan farnworth said...

congrats on the new baby and your card is right up there on the wow factor very nicely done.