Vacationing is Hard Work

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got home from a long vacation visiting family. I thought I would share some photos taken while I was out and about!

Hunter and my cousin's 2 year old! He is HUGE! He has a big tall daddy, but at 2 yrs old, he is almost as tall as Hunter (almost 4 yrs old) and is only 1 lb. lighter than my kid! He is one big boy I tell ya!

This big boy was at my Dad's house. He was just one of a few hanging around!

We were able to catch a scrimmage. My nephew decided he wanted to be a football player this year and we were lucky enough to see one of his games (scrimmages).

We stopped and played a while at Grandma and Grandpa West's. Hunter found a pink guitar and decided to give it a try!

Before we headed out of town, Hunter helped my dad cut up the tree that was trying to grow into my house.

That is all for today. I have many more pictures to share, but don't want to overload my internet!


lynn said...

great pics, rachel--well, except the spider-he's a little creepy:)

Martha said...

great pictures, but that spider is just tooo scary!