Mud Puppy

My Little Mud Puppy!

Hunter loves to go out in the backyard, right next to the dog pen, and make a very nice mud puddle! He has a nice hole dug out, so the water gets pretty deep. His new favorite trick is to take the mud in the puddle, and throw it up against the house or dog pen fence. I prefer when he throws the mud at the fence.. or not at all!
He played in the heat and water long enough, that he ended up with itches that needed scratched as he got sweaty! Love the mustache, don't you!?


lynn said...

ok, i had a comment written, but now its gone, so, i'll start over:)

he looks like he is having great fun! love the mustache:)

Jen said...

Boys with be's so cute...and now you have to put these pictures on a scrapbook layout Rachel! I hope you let 'daddy' give him a bath? *smile*