Crazy Night

Last Night we had some major storms go through the area, and even though it didn't actually do anything here in town, the farm did end up with a LOT of rain.

And by a lot, I mean we ended up with 8" of rain, plus about 1/2 a foot of hail in places.

After this storm finally passed, there was another storm that went through in the middle of the night. We only knew about it was because Hunter woke up having a bit of a hissy because his night light was not on. I went to check on him and I realized that the power was out. It didn't come back on until about 2:25 a.m. I watched out the bathroom window for a few minutes and the light show was pretty bright to the East, though it never rained or anything.
Today, hours after the storms were over, we went out to the farm and I took pictures of the remaining water.

This is the creek between Morse and Pringle. There usually isn't any water running here, but with the storm, there was plenty of water to fill it up! By the time we got there, the water had already gone down a bit and was no longer threatening to go over the highway! (West of Bridge)
This is to the East of the same bridge:
This is at the bottom of the South Hooton:
This is the South Anderson (Eastern part of circle). The water was leaving the circle and draining into the bar ditch:
Here is Dale & Martha's driveway between the Hull fields. The water was still running here:
Here is a video of the storm to the north of town.

I was bummed I couldn't see the tornado that was north of town because of the trees and hills. But what can you do, I wasn't going to go storm chasing with a 3 year old!


Stephanie said...

We had a crazy hailstorm on my way home from school last week...all I kept thinking was my car is too new to get a bunch of hail dings!! Hope things dry up soon :)

Stamp and Smile said...

WOW, that is a lot of rain! Watching storms pass in the night is fun... the lighting and hearing the thunder in the "distance" is what I like... when you lay in bed and watch the wall light up!

Glad everyone was fine... stay safe this summer!! :)