Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

I took some snow pictures right outside the front door yesterday morning. I will try to get one from the road today. The snow was so deep right outside the door we could only push it open about a foot. Just enough to squeeze out onto the stoop.

Keep in mind when you look at the snow pictures, I live in an area that doesn't get much snow. If it does snow here, it usually has melted off by mid afternoon, but this snow has already been on the ground from 10 a.m. on Thursday morning until Friday about noon.

This is our other front entrance that is to the South of me. The snow drifted all the way up to the stoop, which has 2 steps below it!This is the neighbors to the North of me. On the bottom right corner is my rose bushes... The day before the storm, I put a windmill flower in front of the bushes so Hunter could watch the wind blow it around. It is now under a foot of snow!
Here is a picture of our bench swing. It is in need of repairs and isn't much use to me... especially since it is only 20 degrees outside and the snow drifts are so bad that you are soaked before you can get to the swing.
We did get out yesterday to get my brother-in-law out of his house so he could help feed cattle. The plows finally decided since it had stopped snowing (24 hours after it had started) that they could get the main roads cleared. The drifts are pretty fierce and it was hard to see some of the ruts. Good thing Chris was driving.

Hope you all stay warm and I hope all who are in the areas this storm hit worse than us will have your power back on soon!


Katy said...

Wow that is a lot of snow for you guys! Stay warm and stay safe!

Stamp and Smile said...

Hi Girl! I can understand where you are coming from... it is hard driving in the snow and being it has stuck around for more than you would like!! LOL! Crazy weather the past month. We had -22 below this morning, by noon it was above zero with the sun shining! If you call that warm! Keep warm and dry!


Martha said...

wow Rachel, it was actually hot here today!! stay safe and warm!

Carpenters' said...

Texas don't know how to handle snow.