Mud Puppy

Can't leave Grandpa Larry and Hunter together by themselves for two minutes! Hunter decided to head outside all by himself, so after a minute of not being able to hear the little monster, Grandpa Larry followed. Grandpa found Hunter playing at the water hydrant, watering the dogs.
Grandpa decided to take the hose and they played in the water in the grass. Hunter had all his trucks in the grass and washed them to make them all nice and clean.
Once the grass was pretty water logged, Grandpa let Hunter move to the garden to give some of the flowers a little H2O and let Hunter play in the mud.
And play in the mud he did!

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Stamp and Smile said...

Hunter's having a FUN time here! Grandpa was a big help.. LOL! Grandparents love to spoil grand kids and so fun to watch... Thanks for sharing! I can't believe how Hunter is growing up so fast!! :)