Alaskan Getaway

Here are the cold weather men with their kills on the last day of their Alaskan adventure.
L2R: Chris, Rick, Travis S., Vern.
They had so much fun, they are ALREADY talking about going back. Seriously! Chris's Uncle Rick took pictures too, some from the plane and a lot of the scenery, but I don't have them yet to share!And one last picture of my Hairy Husband! Gotta love it! And now that his trip is over... his beard is really starting to fill in nicely and there is no way he is going to cut it! ...

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Stamp and Smile said...

OMGosh, A bountiful hunt!! I bet they are very happy and telling many stories... :) My hubby is bow hunting in South Dakota for a week. I did a bunch of baking and made up a couple meals for him to take with. So I'm happy to have some FREE time this weekend... :) off to stamp now before bed... SMILES!! Have a super evening Rachel... :)