During Hunter and my vacation to Colorado, we went to the swimming pool with Grandpa Larry. I am allergic to the clorine in the pool, so I can't get in, so it was a real treat for Hunter to be able to get in the BIG pool!

Hunter also played in the baby pool a lot. He likes the baby pool a lot more than the BIG pool, but if his mom were able to get in too, he might get a chance to get in more than once a year and then might actually like it!

During his time in the baby pool, Hunter decided that he wanted to jump off the side and after telling him no MANY times, he finally jumped and hit his head on the side of the pool and gave himself a mighty fine goose egg! Oh it was UGLY!

Grandpa and Hunter had a lot of fun playing in the baby pool and Grandpa even tried to teach Hunter a few tricks... like blowing bubbles!

Because the videos take so much to upload, I will upload two more in the posts above this one.

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